About Us

New Format is a manufacturing and design firm based in Vancouver, founded in 2013 by principal Henry Norris. We operate under a studio model, with the concepts we explore then in turn influencing our production process. Our motivation and interest is to take new ideas and apply them to the built environment around us.

Our production system is based on the innovative use of tools and materials – we as likely to utilize 3D modelling and modern manufacturing technology as we are to use the perfectly shaped file to hand finish a corner just so. In order remain agile and forward looking, we have a network of relationships with vendors across North America that we work side by side with in order to create our products – this allows us to take on projects ranging from a single piece of furniture to an entire multi-faceted environment, while maintaining the same close attention to detail throughout the process.

A portion of our output is providing metal fabrication solutions for designers and architects. Commission work compels us to innovate; these site specific projects and the collaborations that result propel us to take a step further in our explorations of environment, texture, colour, and form. We apply this inspiration to our studio practice and use it as fuel for the creation of our own line of products and body of work. At our core is a curiosity to explore the interplay of materials and design.

Services We Offer

  • Design
  • Consultation
  • Coordination
  • Engineering
  • Metal fabrication
  • Metal finishing
  • Installation
  • Logistics