True to its namesake, New Format is a multi-faceted design studio and workshop existing at the intersection of design, fabrication and process. Its team of designers and fabricators work to produce objects and spaces which honour the raw and timeless natural beauty of their materials while creating new expressions of form and finish. Whether in collaboration with industry peers, commissioned by patrons or through self-initiated experimentation in process and finish, New Format seeks to instil each of its designs with an arresting sense of physical presence, refined detailing, textural complexity and a touch of magical beauty.


The studio was founded by Henry Norris in 2016. A self-taught designer and craftsperson with a wide range of background influence and experience, Henry resolved to create a studio practice of new composition where design and experimentation holds balance with output and commerce. A place where the work is thoughtfully designed, created by human hands and built to last.


Working from Vancouver, Canada the studio engages with a range of clientele and collaborators both locally and internationally. Since launching, New Format has exhibited at ICFF, Architectural Digest Design Show (NYC, USA), IDSwest (Vancouver, Canada), Sight Unseen (NYC, USA), and FIELD TRIP (Vancouver, Canada).