Borrowed Forms Credenza

Designer: Henry Norris

Manufacturer: New Format Studio

Materials: Fronts in cast bronze, case in cherry and steel

Dimensions: 76" L x 19" D x 32" H


Crafted from cast bronze, steel, and cherry wood, the Borrowed Forms Credenza is the result of dozens of trips to forage for suitable stone formations in the Pacific Northwest. Hot jeweler’s wax is poured in place overtop of the found stones, and the impressions that result are quilted together to form a tapestry of textures, before being lost wax cast in solid bronze. By juxtaposing these memories of the natural world with the manmade┬árefinement of the solid cherry and steel cabinet, this piece embodies the story of the Pacific Northwest at this particular time in history, where a growing human presence meets the endless wilderness.

Shown with Weathered Bronze fronts, and a Satin Cherry and Blackened Steel case.

Custom sizing and finishes available, please inquire.

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